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2022 The People’s Piazza – A History of Covent Garden
A feature length documentary about the present and past of one of London’s most iconic spaces.

2022 Thatcher & Reagan – A Very Special Relationship
A two part series for BBC2 in which journalist and Thatcher biographer Charles Moore explores her close political and personal relationship with Ronald Reagan.

2021 Churchill
A six part archive-based cradle-to-grave biography of Britain’s wartime leader that balances historical rigour and new attitudes to our past.

2020 Peter: The Human Cyborg
A one-off documentary for Channel 4 that follows robotics scientist Peter Scott-Morgan, who had Motor Neurone Disease and used technology to replace his failing body – becoming part human part machine.

2019 The Massacre That Shook The Empire
A documentary for Channel 4 following writer Sathnam Sangera as he investigates the Amritsar Massacre and comes to a new understanding about the British Empire.

2018 WW1 – The Final Hours
A documentary for BBC2 about the three days of negotiations that ended the conflict on the Western Front at 11 am on 11th November 1918.

2018 The Stolen Maharajah
An hour long documentary for BBC4 about the Maharajah Duleep Singh, who lost his kingdom and control of his life to the British Empire.

2017 Elizabeth’s Secret Agents
A series for BBC2 about the father and son team who were the power behind the throne of the Virgin Queen. It dissects some epic moments in British history and delves inside the minds of the people caught up in these great events.
Winner, Royal Television Society Awards
Nominated, BAFTA

2016 Born on the Same Day
A new social history series about three people born on the same day. In this opening episode there’s a woman marked by childhood trauma, a Jamaican immigrant and the world’s greatest explorer.

2015 The Trainer and the Racehorse – The Legend of Frankel
The moving story of the champion racehorse Frankel and his dying trainer, Henry Cecil. As someone said, not just an extraordinary sporting story, an extraordinary life story.

2014 Hitler’s Hidden Drug Habit
A lively exposé which detailed some of the more than seventy different medical treatments Hitler took whilst he was Führer of Nazi Germany.
Winner, Best International Documentary, RTS NI

2014 Hidden Histories – Britain’s Oldest Family Businesses
A three part documentary series for BBC4 about the long working lives of three of Britain’s oldest family businesses.

2013 Murder on the Victorian Railway
A drama-doc for BBC2 which uses testimony from a famous Victorian murder to bring the past back to life on screen.

2012 The Secret Life of Rubbish
A two part series for BBC4 that uses tales from the bin men to reveal how our lives became so wasteful. A lively and informative look up the back-end of modern Britain.
Winner, Focal International Awards
Nominated, Royal Television Society, Southern Awards

20I2 The Secret History of Our Streets
The last episode in the acclaimed BBC series that uses Charles Booth’s map of social class in nineteenth century London as a launchpad for a social history of a single street. This programme tells the story of Arnold Circus – a Victorian social experiment.
Winner, Royal Television Society Awards
Winner, Grierson Audience Award
Nominated, Broadcast Award
Nominated, BAFTA
Nominated, Press Guild Awards

2011 The Documentary Film Mob
BBC documentary about the origins of documentary in Britain and the small band of artists and filmmakers who gathered around John Grierson, during the 1930s and 40s.

2010 My Father, the Bomb and Me
BBC documentary following  historian Lisa Jardine as she turns detective on her father, Jacob Bronowski, who had been one of the first to visit Hiroshima after the Bomb exploded there.

2009 Britain’s African Emperor
Septimius Severus was a Libyan who became Emperor of Rome and  invaded northern Britain. This epic tale is revealed through archaeological remains and brought to life with animation.

2008/9 The Violent Highway
BBC documentary that uses animation to reveal British violence through the three hundred year history of one particularly disordered street.
Winner, British Animation Awards
Selected for Creative Review Annual

2008 The Undercover Diplomat
BBC documentary about Jonathan Powell’s secret work as Tony Blair’s chief negotiator in the Northern Ireland peace process.

2006/7 The Yellow House
One-off drama about the friendship between Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin. Made for Channel 4, it was written by Simon Bent and stars John Simm & John Lynch.

2006 The Haunted Airman
Writer/Director/producer of this adaptation of a Dennis Wheatley horror story. Made for BBC4, starring Robert Pattinson, Julian Sands & Rachael Stirling.

2004/5 In Praise of Hardcore
Writer/Director of this biopic of Ken Tynan for BBC. Starring Rob Brydon as Ken Tynan, Julian Sands & Catherine McCormack.
Shortlisted, Grierson Award

2003 George Orwell – A Life in Pictures
Writer/Director/Producer of this 90 minute drama-doc biopic. Made for BBC2 and starring Chris Langham as Orwell.
Winner, EMMY award
Winner, Grierson Award
Winner, New York Film Festival
Nominated, Royal Television Society Awards
Nominated, BANFF TV Festival Award
Nominated for three BAFTA Craft Awards
Mencao Honrosa, Famalicao Int’l Film & Video Festival, Portugal

2002 The Real Captain Bligh
Channel 4 drama-doc telling the true story of William Bligh and the mutiny on the Bounty.

2001 The Riddle of the Tower
Documentary for Channel 4/WGBH telling the story of the boffins struggling to save the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Winner, Best Science Film, Maremma Int. Documentary Festival

2001 The Real Edward VII
75 minute biopic for Channel 4 on Edward VII’s difficult relationship with his mother, Queen Victoria.

2000 Snowball Earth
Horizon documentary for BBC about the two geologists hunting down the evidence to prove their radical idea that the Earth was once a giant ball of ice.
Winner, Best Documentary, Parma Science and Ecology Film Festival

2000 Escape from Colditz
Documentary series about the famous prisoner of war camp made for Channel 4. Some of those of who got out are taken back in to explain how they did it.
Cine Golden Eagle and Grand Jury PrizeColditz
Nominated, Grierson Award
Nominated, Indie Awards

1999 The Long Lie
Short film drama about the lonely death of an old man, which has been screened at various festivals and achieved cinema distribution in the UK with Oasis Cinemas.

1999 What shall we do with the Moon?
Made for Channel 4 and transmitted on the thirtieth anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landings this documentary takes a light-hearted look at plans to develop the moon.

1998 Dawn of the Death Ray
One hour documentary made for Channel 4 exposing the US military’s fascination with sci-fi weaponry.

1995- 97 The Classics
Three series of popular oral history films made for Channel 4 covering a range of stories from the dream of suburbia to a family rift that revolutionised British trucking.

1994 White Heat
TV series made about the history of humanity’s relationship with technology.

1993 Super!markets
Documentary made for Channel 4 about why the British love supermarkets.

1992 Inside the Box
Short documentary made for BBC about Renaissance artists.


2011 Tales from the National Parks
A series of three documentaries, for BBC4, each set in a different British National Park.

2011 The Camera that Changed the World
BBC documentary about the invention of the handheld 16mm film camera and how that changed the nature of documentary film-making.
Winner, Focal International Awards

2010 Behind the Scenes at the Museum
A series of three observational documentaries for the BBC about the goings on in three small museums around Britain.
Winner, Royal Television Society, North West Awards.