George Orwell – A Life in Pictures.

The whole thing adds-up to a new and refreshing way of doing a writer’s life for TV. … With this Orwell, Chris Durlacher may have changed the rules for bio-pics… Daily Mail

A joy from start to finish…. Enjoyable, funny and inventive… Such, such a joy. Guardian

As this audacious film deft shows, Orwell’s writing has endured as an extraordinary record of extraordinary times. Sunday Times

Utterly engaging dramatic journey. Award winning fare. Observer

Extraordinarily inventive. Time Out

A tour de force. Times

The Haunted Airman

This is a sombre, chilly and utterly absorbing adaptation. Observer

A slow-burning, agreeably old-fashioned spine-tingler. Times

BBC4’s impressive drama season continues with Chris Durlacher’s suitably vivid adaptation of Dennis Wheatley’s disturbing and highly innovative psychological novel. Daily Telegraph.

The Yellow House

The unsustainable tension is superbly played out by actors and script alike. Daily Telegraph

This masterpiece of intelligent, well acted television is not to be missed. Daily Mirror

If you’ve quality time in front of the telelvison this week, you must ehad for Channel 4’s The Yellow House. Caitlin Moran in The Times

This intense and violent drama takes you right inside the pair’s tempestuous relationship. TV Quick

The Secret history of our Streets

A wonderful programme.  Guardian

Thoughtful and distinctive. Time Out

An excellent series.  Independent

Excellent little gem of a social history series. Radio Times

In Praise of Hardcore

Darkly comic… Stylishly shot this enjoyably film captures Tynan’s pitiful mortality… Masterly drama. Observer

A fitting tribute to man in search of truth. London Standard

Murder on the Victorian Railway

This is a classic whodunit, properly gripping with cleus revealing themselves bit by bit.  Guardian

My Father the Bomb and Me

A contemplation of morality and a portrait of love. Metro

The Secret Life of Rubbish

Finely told … Indeed there was more history here than much that pretends to be history.  Telegraph

An interesting and provocative documentary.  Guardian

Oldest Family Businesses

It’s a fascinating trawl through the history of the high street and of the ever-changing challenges for the local shopkeeper.  Times

Fascinating series … Daily Telegraph