One-off drama about the friendship between Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin. Made for Channel 4, it was written by Simon Bent and stars John Simm and John Lynch.

 A two part series for BBC4 that used tales from the bin men to reveal how our lives became so wasteful. A lively and informative look up the back-end of modern Britain.

 The last episode in the acclaimed BBC series that uses Charles Booth’s map of social class in nineteenth century London as a launchpad for a social history of a single street. This programme tells the story of Arnold Circus – a Victorian social experiment.

BBC documentary about the origins of documentary in Britain and the small band of artists and filmmakers who gathered around John Grierson, during the 1930s and 40s.

A biopic of Ken Tynan for BBC. Starring Rob Brydon as Ken Tynan, Julian Sands & Catherine McCormack.

 Writer/Director/Producer of this 90 minute drama-doc biopic. Made for BBC2 and starring Chris Langham as Orwell.

BBC documentary that uses animation to reveal British violence through the three hundred year history of one particularly disordered street.

A drama-doc for BBC2 which used testimony from a famous Victorian murder to bring the past back to life on screen.